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Here at Twinley Home Solutions, we strongly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed - not endured.  With this as our core value, our target is to find homeowners looking to sell their homes FAST.  The result being that they can refocus their time and energies on areas of life that are more important to them.  Ultimately, we want to provide the opportunity to give them back two fundamental pieces of life...

- time & peace of mind -

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Situations That May Apply to You

There are many reasons why a homeowner would need to leave their home. Often times there becomes a challenging circumstance that cannot be avoided, or the property itself incurs deferred maintenance that leads to further problems. We help homeowners in many difficult and stressful situations, which include but are not limited to the following...

Property Homeowner
Major Repairs Needed Pre-Foreclosure
Deferred Maintenance Bankruptcy
Old Structure Underwater
Vacant Probate
Mold Divorce
Water Damage Tax Liens
Fire Damage Estate Sales
Termites / Dry Rot Expired Listings
Bad Tenants Job Relocation

Why Sell to Us vs Any Traditional Buyer

Many homeowners plan to list their home via a real estate agent for sale to a traditional buyer. Do you know the advantages of working with us? Let's see a side-by-side comparison...

How We Compare Traditional Buyer Twinley Benefits with Twinley
Payment Method Bank Financing Cash No Financing Contingency
Appraisal Mandatory None Less Stress
Home Repair Costs Seller Pay 1-8% of Home Value $0 No Repairs Needed, AS-IS Condition
Fees and Commissions Seller Pay 5-6% Sale Price $0 Pay Zero Fees
Closing Costs Seller Pay 1-6% of Sale Price $0 Pay Zero Closing Costs
Closing Timeframe 45+ Days 10-14 Days We Close Fast or On Your Timeline
Time On Market 30-90 Days 0 Days Quick Sale

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